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A&V Engineering Privacy Policy

We Respect your Privacy!

  • We give you a choice over how your personal information is used and remove names immediately upon request.

  • We do not provide or sell our subscriber or customer lists to third parties.

  • We send our newsletters only to those who request them. We immediately "unsubscribe" those who request it through convenient links included in every e-mailing.

  • We use cookies in a responsible manner to help our visitors and to conduct business, not to gather information about you. We do NOT collect information to develop a profile about our visitors.

  • We store subscriber and password files with personal information in a secure fashion. We store such files in areas not accessible to Web browsers, behind password protection.

  • We not responsible for the privacy issues of any outside websites you may link to.

  • You can opt out of our subscriber list at any time you wish.













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